A Stranger in the Corridor

His eyes widened visibly at the sight of me. I looked away and continued to walk towards the corridor opening, veering left so I could avoid him, but I kept watching him from my peripheral vision. He stopped in his tracks.

‘God, you are pretty…’ he almost shouted the words at me, and I paused suddenly. He continued on,’You are so beautiful…I love your hair like that…you are just so beautiful…’

At this particular moment, I was a bit taken aback. This was a stranger. This was a deserted corridor at work. I had just come from heaving up my insides in the work bathroom and trying to figure out what the baby in my belly wanted me to feel for the rest of my day.

I instinctively placed my right hand on my belly and I saw his eyes catch the movement. His jaw dropped and his eyes seemed to widen even further. ‘Are you…pregnant?’ and, before I could even answer, he snapped his fingers, ‘Yes, I knew it…you had that glow going. Wise men, we know these things…I saw you and I knew there was something about you…Lordy, you have that glow!’

I smiled at him because this stranger really did make me feel great. I was unsure if the ‘glow’ he kept mentioning was from the blood rushing to my face as I heaved up my stomach contents less than five minutes before this encounter OR if it was the pregnancy glow I had heard so much about before.

He asked me if he had made my day. The only answer I could give was a smiling yes.

And with that, the stranger in the corridor took off.

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