Week 34; May 9, 2015

What a great day! I had my baby shower today at a local brewery and I enjoyed it very much. I laughed, ate, cried (with and in joy), opened gifts, got so many hugs and felt super duper loved. What’s even more amazing was that I felt how loved my son already is! He has the greatest aunties and grandparents abuelos and abuelitas ready for his arrival.

I was tired from my long week yesterday (Friday) and I even briefly considered postponing and rescheduling the shower but Renee worked so hard on it and, though we feared getting rained out, we kept it for today and I am glad we did! I am sure had we postponed it, I would have been way too tired to fully engage, folks would have been thoroughly inconvenienced and it would have just been a headache. Instead, we survived the wind tunnel in the narrow verandah where we were seated, the gray clouds parted and the sun shone over us, and people came out to help us celebrate #BabyASW!

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