Cup-holders. People are obsessed with them when it comes to travel systems for babies. I have been car-seat shopping and the main thing that pops up in all reviews is a mention of cup-holders or lack thereof. I mean, how important can cup-holders be in the long run? I was looking more at safety features, clearance for use in aircrafts, maximum weight limits, minimum weight limits…and then in every other review, ‘…urgh, no cup-holder…I can’t live!’ or ‘…it has cup-holders, I love it!’ and it goes on and on. Oy.


It’s been a whirlwind of information – get one that is a household name aka Graco OR spend a foot and three legs on one that costs more than the national GDP of small island nation…and that is just a tip of the iceberg. I still have to contend with his Papa’s color preferences and keep in mind my own fashion quirks.

And I wonder if, in a few months, I will be writing about cup-holders on strollers…

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