Week 35.5; May 20 2015

Feeling tired is an understatement for how I feel these days. I am in the middle of Week 35 and getting up from my chair at work feels like I am lifting up a Boeing 777 dreamliner. This just hit me over the last week so I am unsure where it came from! Baby moves a lot more these days, especially when I am getting ready to sleep. I remember complaining going on about how he hardly moves and now it seems he is making up for it. Double time.

My workmate reminded me that my maternity leave starts in 3 weeks BUT I do understand why some women take that 4 weeks before delivery as part of their leave. I get up, energized and ready to attack my day, then I fade by 10 am. Ha.

I have to clear some things off my to do list:

  • my insurance – dealing with the county…sucks.
  • paid family leave and disability applications
  • child care options
  • have a (handsome) CHP officer install my car seat into Waf
  • register at the hospital
  • finish packing my hospital bag
  • finish my music playlist compilation + get my speakers together for that day
  • ETC ( whatever else I can’t think of or remember right now)

Here are my notables for this week:

How far along: 35 weeks, 5 days

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: Not sure – Doc appointment tomorrow…Baby feels super heavy :-/

Maternity clothes: Working with my regular wardrobe; converted my jumpsuit into a workable outfit…I just pull the elastic part over my belly and then rock a shirt over that…I don’t even use the belly bands any longer…I have my Express elastic waist pants that I have been wearing…no full-on maternity wear.

Sleep: I no longer have reflux…but now it’s all about baby boy moving like mad when I am about to sleep! I have reverted back to sleeping without pillows and it feels like I have come full circle…LOL

Best moment this month: Getting to feel the baby move even more! He hiccups like mad! I had my regular baby shower this month (pics and post are up) AND my workmates had one for me yesterday. I am not a huge fan of shower games but we played some awesome games that had everyone laughing till they cried! It was really nice of them to do that for me, I really appreciated them! OH, I almost forgot – I got a surprise package at work (well, thinking back…it wasn’t really a surprise because she said she would mail a gift to my work address BUT I had forgotten) and it was a Bringing Home Baby Bundle from freshlypicked.com courtesy of my friend Toni – I was so surprised and pleased and it took me a good 4 hours to figure out it was Toni who’d sent it! There was no card, no note BUT I figured it out. I have just enjoyed getting gifts from my friends and coworkers for this little boy. My friend, Becky, surprised me too and got me my travel system (car seat and stroller)! I feel so blessed, really!

Worst moment this month: Getting tired so easily and so fast – I can barely talk without losing my breath and I can’t really move around with the energy I had at the end of last week!

Miss anything: Miss talking to my mpenzi every day, since he has to travel for work more often now. I have been eating everything in sight so I don’t really miss food…:-)

Movement: Hiccups seem to occur more often now. He has been upside down for a while and he shifts his butt around a lot…when I am on my bed, on my side, I can feel his feet grazing the side of my right rib cage right below my boobs…such a weird ticklish feeling!

Cravings: I am STILL extremely prone to suggestion…

Queasy or sick: Well, last week I had a headache, nausea and general body aches (no, it was not malaria) and I was a bit nervous, thinking of preeclampsia…so I went down to the firehouse and had a handsome young firefighter measure my blood pressure (110/80 – perfect) so I figured I was fatigued from my previous day’s work activities (14 hr work day) and I went home, drank some water, ate some meat and slept. I felt a thousand times better the next day. lesson learned: DO NOT be a hero.

Looking forward to: Getting my house fully ready – I got a sofa ($24.99) and a chair and my friend Renee, her daughter and her mom helped me move them in. I made injera and shuro for them (their first ever time) and I was laughing so hard because tummies started talking. I love my friends…anyway, I am looking forward to having everything set up in the next week or so!

Stretch marks?: None yet. Fingers crossed, still.

Labor Signs: No.

Symptoms: One very prominent belly.

Belly Button in or out?: Out, but that’s normal

Wedding rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: a little happy BUT when something upsets me, I move from 0 to 120 in about 2 seconds…

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