Mother’s Day!

It’s my first ever Mother’s Day.

I have a son.

He stares at me and smiles so broadly. every. time. And

it takes my breath away. every. time.

I have a son.

He is learning how to walk, slowly.

His aunties hold him gingerly by the hands, lead him ahead of themselves and

he plods along, throwing one foot in front of the other…teh-teh we call it.

He sees me when he rounds the corner and his face lights up,

he kicks his feet into overdrive…so excited that he leaves his arms outstretched

behind himself, with his auntie hanging on for dear life…he leads with his stomach

He is in a rush to get to me by any means possible.

I have a son.

He went to sleep tonight and I stared at him in the semi-darkness,

the light from the corridor illuminating his form enough for me to see him kicking out

his feet…what is that? He is walking in his sleep, while asleep on his back.

It warms my heart.

My first mother’s day.

I have a son.









2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day!

  1. Hello!

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    Happy Saturday,

    Valentine Sergon
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