Dear Toni

My dearest Toni,

You have been there for me

when nobody else was…

at a time when so much was happening

to me, around me, against me…

you stayed smiling with me.

Friends like you are so rare,

sweet, kind, loving and non-judgmental.

Austin is so lucky to have you in his life,

as am I.

I sat down on this Valentine’s Eve and

decided that I ought to tell you, my sister,

how much I love, respect and admire you.

You have a strength and beauty that most

would die for, but you hold these traits with

such breathtaking humility.

Even when you feel that you are weak,

you are far stronger than you think.

That strength has uplifted me plenty of times before.

Sitting with you at sushi, at an ice hockey game

or just during our binge-watching marathons.


You have saved lives at work, while flipping that fabulous hair…

you have walked outside the lines of the box that life was trying to force you to

stay in…and you have thrived.

We have shed tears together (whether it was at a movie or a showing of Wicked is completely irrelevant…tears were shed)

We have LIVED life together.

You took care of me. You took care of my Austin.

For that I shall forever be grateful. You are a valentine. Our valentine.

By force, if need be 🙂

Happy Valentine’s,  my sister!



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