Too Much

They say time will heal,

but all I say is they

don’t feel this pain.

A pain of no goodbye,

and no more tomorrows.

Healing is a funny term,

when you are completely

and utterly broken by a loss.

It doesn’t seem possible,

and people then say,

time will heal,

for lack of anything

else to say to you,

to your face-ful of tears,

and to the crack in your heart.

Do you ever heal

from such an unexpected jarring,

does life ever switch to normal?

You spend your life,

looking around the corner,

hoping you’ll see him,

sometimes you hear that familiar

‘hey bwaanaaa’

and your heart skips a beat…

only to realize that you put him

in the ground three years ago…

and ‘time will heal’…

This healing that never seems to come,

that never seems to completely scab over

the broken heart and the overshed tears…

It’s just all too much.



*November 8th, 2013*


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