Be Kind, Rewind

Just like those old videotape cassettes from Blockbuster, my life’s mantras include this phrase. Be kind, rewind.

We have a number of encounters daily. We pass by, meet, bump into, smile at, sneer at, throw blank-face looks at strangers. We talk with friends, vent, laugh, swear with and sometimes at them too. We text, we post, we video call, we tag, we call those we love, those in our circles. We send memes, funny videos, screenshots all around.

We should always remember to be kind. Be kind to others should be a necessary rule in every household, to be followed by everyone in the house including mom and dad.

Opportunities to be kind show up in many ways…that are too many to count. Being kind is a choice. Practice tenderness with those you love. You never know when one is in need of that soft touch from a friend or a significant other or even a kind smile from a stranger. Speaking of significant, those in your life that fall in this space may require more kindness and tenderness than you may think. Or expect. And this is where rewinding comes in handy. Thinking back on what was shared during a time of vulnerability allows you to know this person a lot better. Rewinding helps one realize when a missed opportunity to be kind occurred, and sets you up to be purposefully kind.

I thought about recent talks and conversations I have had with some of my people, including my son. Rewinding. In the same way I choose love every day, I should choose kindness. It’s the only way to ensure that love can exist in this world. Kindness breeds love harbors kindness.


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