You are Strong

Strength runs through the steel that is your backbone,

holding you up when all else around that spine is collapsing

from exhaustion, fatigue, over-stimulation and no rest.

They say there is no rest for the weary,

but they forget that a heart cannot beat in isolation

for a long a time as expected or as pushed.

Strength comes in many veins, forms and intensities.

The strength that pulses through your body,

flee or fight – so different than the one that responds to

do or die.

At least when you flee, the blood still pumps to your heart,

and when you fight, your heart still aims to live on despite

the monsters you are fighting.

This do or die strength is unexpected, often.

You straighten your backbone, fight through the weariness

and swear to not flee or die,

you will just do.

And then you do.


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