I’ve touched both the sky and the depths

of a fiery hell, fire licking at a strained heart,

pushed to the limit with a pendulum of emotions.

I have swung high up on a high wire with no net,

and stuck my tongue out in glee, catching those

snowflakes of happiness, icy with promise;

pricks of crystal sharp joy elevating me further up

into a brilliantly azure sky welcoming my ascent.

Then I dipped into the smoky and dark pits,

lit only by the flashes of brimstone and hellfire,

choking back that drowning feeling as the soot

from a clash and disaster initiated by my mind

rapidly rams itself down into my lungs,

catching me slipping and hanging on too tightly,

pricked repeatedly by a frozen fear.

This pendulum swings peculiarly, dipping from forth,

hurtling towards back, with no clear indication

when it will settle back into forth,

back into the brilliance of that blue.

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