2020: Let’s Do It.

Six months ago, I moved us to Uganda. A new job came calling, a heavier title and the opportunity to move ‘just next door’ was too enthralling for me to ignore.

I have not written anything because I have been busy being a mom, working, trying to succeed and thrive at this life thing. Uganda had never been in my plans, vision boards, vision thoughts in any professional capacity (or personal capacity as well).

When Austin was 15 months old, we trekked to Uganda. Me, for a week long conference for my former employer and, him, just another opportunity to run around on grass and thirst after the nyama choma we threw together on our last night in Kampala. That was our first time in Uganda. And now, this job popped up unexpectedly and off we went.

This blog is about being in transition, in flux. Physically, emotionally, figuratively. I found myself noting that 2020 was a year of transformation so what better way to get into this by writing more? More about this time in my life when I have turned 40, moved across continents twice and working to really do something with my writing and my photography. To that end, I plan to section off my blog a bit differently than what I have had for the last 6 years.

Short stories – tales that are created in my head then spewed onto paper for your digestion and, of course, feedback.

Photos – pictures showcasing where I have been.

Public health – of course because this is my career, a few snippets based on my work and this sector.

Muse mode – writing about love, relationships, friendships, life lessons, funny things and other things.


And that is it.

Here is to an amazing 2020!



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