I hesitated, not wishing to call it out. My cards splayed out on the table, the dealer looking at me expectantly …and you? Your cards are held close to your chest and I cannot tell what floats in your eyes, and the dealer perhaps knows, but His face remains neutral. You steal glances at me, […]


Lay yourself bare soul to the light eyes like the sun peering at you and what you hold inside   Lay yourself bare layers peeled back slight but open waiting to be seen for that acknowledgement that nod of yes   Lay yourself bare but remember that with that joy of being seen you open […]

The Post Office

He called it a damper. I stared at him blindly. I had just purchased stamps and handed over my three envelopes, addressed and sealed. He gestured behind me and I looked over my left should in the direction he was pointing. “There’s a damper”, he said. His face and demeanor were all grey. Stony grey. […]


Thoughts of you patter through this darkened, shadowed mind at the oddest of moments. I was pattering away at this slowed, aged keyboard when you crossed my mind You crossed it so casually, in almost complete slow-mo turning your dazzle of a smile at me. I crossed myself very un-casually in perfectly fast motion turning […]

Most Beautiful

When the rain is coming down so hard, you can barely see past your nose, and the clouds hanging over you are so gray that they look like jet black puddles of broken smears… When the thunder of your own thoughts clashes and clangs, drowning out the lightning spearing out of your heart, and the […]

Our Boy/Their Man

The newspaper said he was a man. But he is or was a boy. He had barely gone past the larger double digits that marked his second decade of life. The newspaper called him a man. His papa called him Junior, and he looked like he was all of 12. The newspaper called him a […]