It’s funny how an ending is never as beautiful as a beginning, when the credits begin to roll and the farewell music kicks in, the beginning is full of smiles, laughter and hope and the ending reeks of charred hope, dashed dreams and inexplicable feelings. The motors purr as the descent into the earth begins, […]


Thoughts of you patter through this darkened, shadowed mind at the oddest of moments. I was pattering away at this slowed, aged keyboard when you crossed my mind You crossed it so casually, in almost complete slow-mo turning your dazzle of a smile at me. I crossed myself very un-casually in perfectly fast motion turning […]


Today he said water like a Kenyan. The letters of the word sliding and colliding into each other, the hard t leading the onslaught. ‘Mummy, I’d like to have some woh-tah’ I looked at him and asked him to repeat… He thought perhaps I was asking him to ask politely and he repeated: ‘May I […]

Ok. 2019.

The year opened its eyes lazily, slowly. Unfurling itself in a violet-tinged haze that seemed to want to hang onto 2018 in an attempt to make things right before letting go. Before I could snap to, the year had already kicked my butt in a tense final goodbye. The year started with an unbelievable sadness. […]

Walking Wounded

I met a man with a broken heart. His eyes, if you looked closely, were sad. He dropped the veil as I looked at him, my own tears threatening to erupt. I realized there are many people walking around wounded. I was not the only one. His dance moves hid the pain etched within him. […]