Let’s talk about blessings, shall we? Now, I am not a Bible thumper by any means but I do have a healthy belief in a higher power. I pray. I try to live my life as morally upright as I can manage. I love me some Jesus. Now, a few things happened within the last week or so that have made me really believe that someone upstairs is really checking for me.

First, my friend, Toni, housed me in her apartment as I got back onto my feet. I mean, she fed me, got me into watching TVD and loving Klaus, and was extremely angelic towards me seeing that I had no money coming in and I couldn’t even afford to help her pay a cent to any bills. She let me fill her apartment with my donated bed and all my belongings from my Ethiopia move. And she gave me cupcakes. And candy.

Then, I got my little temporary job and was so excited to have some money coming in. The public health work search arena is overpopulated and that one center nobody ever calls you back after you place your perfectly worded application. I started working Monday to Friday, and trying to save every penny.

Then, I scored a little apartment in a really cool neighborhood. There is a record store (with some awesome African lingala and reggae vinyls!) around the corner, along with a couple of antique furniture stores, the quaintest coffee shop and a monthly street faire just steps from my front door.

When I thought it could not get any better, I got a call this past Monday morning from an organization that had advertised for a public health position applicant way back in December…I had applied dutifully and proceeded to the final rounds but they opted to go with another candidate. I sent the executive director a hand written thank you card and continued looking for other positions. Well, he called me and shared that the position was open again and was mine, if I so wished! Of course I wished. And so that was another blessing that poured on me. I get to start a public health job come Thursday, and my love is getting his paperwork ready so he can travel here to make it before Austin comes.

I am really feeling happy. Blessed.

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